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Pwnage Ultra Custom Gaming Mouse - Black

29.900 K.D. 29.900 K.D. 29.900000000000002 KWD

29.900 K.D.

Pwnage Ultra Custom Gaming Mouse - Black

Pwnage Ultra Custom Gaming Mouse Black /w Extra White Shells


29.900 K.D. 29.900 K.D. 29.900000000000002 KWD

29.900 K.D.

    This combination does not exist.

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    Built for precision.

    The Ultra Custom has been engineered for performance and customization. Easily customize your mouse without the need for any tools. Get the Ultra Custom Wireless weight down to as low as 65g.

    Wireless Without Top Shell

     65 g2.04 oz  

    Wireless Honeycomb Shell

     69 g2.43 oz  

    Wireless Solid Shell

     73 g2.54 oz  

    100% PTFE Skates

    Virgin PTFE Skates with custom rounded edges are optimized for buttery smooth glide and movement control.


    Lightweight Paracord USB-C Cable

    FCC compliant ultra flexible paracord type C cable is included for wired mode gaming and charging.  

    Mouse for you.

    The Ultra Custom was designed to be easily customizable to match your gaming setup, play style, and preference. 

    No Tool 
    RequiredSimply swap out and replace covers and DPI button

    For different user grips.
    Different top shells to suit your grip style



    2 Styles


    20 Styles



    10 Styles


    Button Spacers

    Customize the feel of the button clicks. All spacers are included.

    0.5 mmSoft & Subtle
    0.6 mmLight & Soft
    0.7 mmLight & Crisp
    0.8 mmCrisp & Tactile

    DPI Button

    10 Styles

    3mm DPI Button

    Customize your DPI button height to suit your grip style and preferece.

    5mm DPI Button

    Comes in different colors and two different heights. Easy to remove and install.



    2 Styles
    USB Type-C

    1 ms


    Optimized MCU
    Latest R&D Wireless

    Lag Free Gaming.

    The Ultra Custom has a 1000Hz polling rate, optimized MCU and latest R&D wireless technology making input lag virtually negligible.

    High Performance. Low Power Consumption.

    PAW3335 is the latest flawless sensor by pixart optimized for low power consumption without sacrificing performance.

    ***Note: Do not attempt to remove the battery on the wireless mouse unless you are okay with using it in wired mode only indefinitely as the warranty does not cover any accidental damage ***

    Office Battery Life: 66h

    Gaming Battery Life: 40h

    Full Recharge: 1h  

    USB Type-C Paracord Cable.

    Ultralight and flexible FCC compliant USB Type-C Cabling System: Even in wired mode, the Ultra Custom feels almost wireless. Charges to full power in just 1 hour

    Weight: 58 - 73 g

    Cable: Paracord Type C 

    Warranty: 1 Year

    Physical Specifications

    Matte coating

    Height: 120 mm

    Width: 66 mm

    Depth: 42mm

    Weight: 68 - 73 g

    Battery Life

    Office Mode: 66 Hrs

    Gaming Mode: 40 Hrs

    Full recharge in 1 Hr


    Sensor: paw3335 Optical

    Resolution: 200 - 16000 DPI

    Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering

    Max. Tracking Speed: 40 G

    Max. Speed: 400 IPS



    Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000

    Paracord Type C Cable

    Cable Length: 2 m / 6.5 ft

    Other Features

    Switch Omron 20M

    RGB Lightning

    6 Buttons

    100% PTFE Feet


    In the box

    1 Full Mouse Set

    Black / White

    1 Additional Bonus Set

    White Set for Black Mouse / Black Set for White Mouse

    1 Paracord Type-C USB Cable
    Matching Color

    1 USB Receiver
    Matching Color

    Receiver Extender

    Button Spacers

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